Exploring the art insurance implications of COVID-19

Adam Prideaux
June 16, 2020

The Association of Women in the Arts (AWITA) recently called on the expertise of Hallett Independent’s Managing Director Adam Prideaux, to talk about the art insurance implications of COVID-19 in their latest online discussion.

At a time when art venues and events couldn’t be facing a more challenging set of circumstances and largely remain closed, Adam covers a broad range of insurance areas including business interruption and unoccupied premises. 

“These insurances [business interruption] were primarily arranged to protect businesses affected by physical damage such as a fire or flood to help keep the business going. They’re not designed to meet the macro economic effects caused by a global pandemic. That said some policies may include cover for business interruption resulting from what we call a restriction in access to your premises – restricted access cover.”

To benefit from Adam’s full advice and some money saving tips around unoccupied premises watch the webinar below.