Elena Carofyllakis
Client Account Manager

Elena Carofyllakis, an expert in art insurance, is an art insurance broker at Hallett Independent with 16 years experience.

After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in History of Art, she began working for Hiscox in 2002 as a High Net Worth Underwriter and was also the Fine Art Product Expert for the Insurance Company whilst there.  

After leaving Hiscox in late 2006 (and following a stint in New York where she completed a drawing course at The New York Studio School) she returned to work for Blackwall Green as an Art Insurance Broker in 2007, where she handled numerous accounts for private collectors, museums and galleries, art and antiques dealers, artists and all aspects of the art industry. She worked at Blackwall Green until 2014 and joined Hallett Independent in 2015 after having taken some time out to look after her 2 young children.

Always having had a keen interest in art, particularly modern and contemporary, she enjoys seeing new and innovative work as well as old masters and relishes being involved in an industry which creates new and exciting work everyday whilst also preserving and celebrating the past.