Louis Pavitt
Compliance and Training

I joined the team back in April 2014, initially as a client account insurance broker with a focus upon our private customers and fine art collectors. My role has since expanded to include additional responsibilities and internal management in being our firm’s compliance, support and complaints officer.

Having completed my education at an International School in France, I returned to the UK to undertake a Bsc in Natural Sciences and an Msc in Psychology, at the Universities of Durham and Nottingham, respectively. Happenstance then had me ‘fall’ into insurance broking and I have remained in this path ever since.

I’m characteristically known for my calm, methodical nature and appreciation for fine detail: traits evidently inherited from my mother’s side – a miniaturist. A shame that her natural artistic talent didn’t also transfer along with these other aptitudes!

My appreciation for artistry lies beyond the material, with a great interest in breakthrough technology and its exciting developments. I like to relax as a self-proclaimed audiophile or snatch some outdoor moments of archery.