Ours is a personal service built on specialised knowledge of the art world and an acute understanding of its characteristics and risks.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the commercial art world and the art insurance business we can provide specialist comprehensive insurance packages to all areas of the contemporary and modern art world, including galleries & dealers, collectors, artists, exhibitions and museums. 


All-inclusive insurance packages tailored to requirements, for all aspects and areas of the art world

Galleries and Art Dealers

Insuring an art gallery or dealership is about much more than just protecting your premises or stock against damage or theft.

Artists Insurance

Because our own background is in the commercial art world, we know where the potential pitfalls and specific risks lie.

Computer Services

Computer software systems, providing database management for galleries & collectors

Art Consultancy

Art & Antiques Consultancy services for collectors

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Our advice is wholly independent, and whether your requirements are one-off,
occasional or ongoing, we aim to deliver complete peace of mind at an affordable price.